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Any mind explaining this to me?

2012-12-22 19:41:15 by sacarious

So i have had a song up on newgrounds for some time now.. the song was a remix of how low by jason nozuko.
Indaba music made it clear that as long as the song wasnt being used for financial gain to myself, that i would be allowed to use it to show off my compisitons and remixing styles.
I gave credit to the song writer and stated that it was a remix.
But i dont understand what my rights as a scout have been takin away, all due to a misunderstanding.
i have always tried to be a helpful contributer to this site, and i feel like this is going to change how some people look at me.

Can someone tell me why or how i might be able to prove that i wasnt trying to take credit for someone elses work?
because that aint how i roll.


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2012-12-22 19:43:36

please make gory unban me


2012-12-22 20:23:52

The rules stated you cannot upload stuff that has copyrighted samples on here, no matter how you credited him/her.


2012-12-22 20:30:10

Music uploaded onto Newgrounds has to be Creative Commons compatible, as well as free of copyrighted samples.

Also, music on the audio portal is meant to be used by Flash authors, which may have the possibility of earning income from Ad revenue, so it counts as financial gain.

sacarious responds:

thanks allot.. i appreciate that.
i feel kind of stupid.
but will i be able to scout after a months time?


2012-12-22 20:35:46

Additional info:

Taken straight from the submission guidelines, which you shold have read before submitting anything.

You aren't allowed to have ANY copyrighted samples in your song. Not even a millisecond, so don't even think about uploading that Soulja Boy remix. Movie quotes, game sound effects, acapellas of popular singers, etc... have a VERY good chance of being copyrighted, for example. "Fair use" does NOT apply on Newgrounds, as flash authors might want to use your song in a sponsored game or movie.

Hope this clears up why you were banned.

Your ban will expire in a month.

Thank-you for your attention.


2012-12-22 20:42:10

You where banned O_O


2012-12-22 22:04:56




2012-12-22 23:04:29

BrokenDeck pretty much covered it.