So i have had a song up on newgrounds for some time now.. the song was a remix of how low by jason nozuko.
Indaba music made it clear that as long as the song wasnt being used for financial gain to myself, that i would be allowed to use it to show off my compisitons and remixing styles.
I gave credit to the song writer and stated that it was a remix.
But i dont understand what my rights as a scout have been takin away, all due to a misunderstanding.
i have always tried to be a helpful contributer to this site, and i feel like this is going to change how some people look at me.

Can someone tell me why or how i might be able to prove that i wasnt trying to take credit for someone elses work?
because that aint how i roll.

Its been in progress for a while now, slowly been assembling a team.
hopefully by the end of the month we should be ready to start animating.